Market Consultation 47 : New Standard Connection Agreement – Local Producer

In Belgium biogas is already frequently used as an energy source for CHPs. Once purified to biomethane, biogas producers also have the option of injecting their gas into the grid.

These biomethane injections can, depending on the circumstances, be connected to the Fluxys Belgium network. To this end, a new contractual framework is to be provided.

This new contractual context should also allow, at a later stage, the connection to the high pressure network of productions of other “green”, “low emission” compatible gases.

A new contract between Fluxys Belgium and a local compatible gas producer, called “Standard Connection Agreement - Local Producer” has been drawn up for this purpose and is part, with its annexes, of this market consultation launched on 30 October 2020.

Documents in consultation

You can find all the information on the Fluxys network connection procedure here. This procedure is not part of the Connection Agreement - Local Producer and in that sense not subject to the approval of the CREG.

You are invited to send your comments to before Friday 20 November 2020.

Please specify in your response whether the content should be treated as confidential or not. Unless otherwise specified, all comments will be treated as non-confidential.


Also interesting

The Gas Injection Station (including compression) is owned and managed by Fluxys Belgium, in contrast to the Gas Receiving Station when connecting an end user where the Gas Receiving Station is owned and managed by the end user himself.

The Gas Injection Station will be built on the site made available by the Local Producer.

The necessary electricity for the supply of the Gas Injection Station, in particular the compression, will be supplied by the Local Producer.

Requirements for the quality of the supplied Gas must be in accordance with the Synergrid specifications (G8 / 1 Regulations for decentralized gas injection).

The local Producer is responsible for the quality of the Gas supplied.

Fluxys Belgium operates the Gas Injection Station as a Prudent and Careful Operator and makes every reasonable effort to keep these installations operational and reliable, outside the periods of maintenance, repair and replacement.