In order to subscribe capacity services, a party must first register as a shipper.
Once registered as a shipper, requests for capacity services can be submitted and at the same time shipper can prepare its operational readiness.


Get your Energy Identification Code (EIC)

The EIC codes are used for the official and unambiguous identification of the actors (TSO, SSO, LSO, Shipper, Trader, Producer, Exchange platform operator, ...) and points (IP, GEL, balancing zone, domestic outlet, ..).

The idea is to harmonize and standardize electronic communication through unique energy identification codes.


Set-up your edig@s connection

Edig@s is the electronic message standard for the gas market, enables gas actors from across Europe to exchange information in a simple, efficient and cost-effective way. Edig@s covers the major gas processes and responds to the needs of the major user segments (Traders, Shippers, TSOs, SSOs, LSOs, DSOs, Producers).

The Edig@s specifications make use of internationally recognised information interchange standards such as UN/EDIFACT and XML. Edig@s is freely available and easy to implement. The European Commission recognised the value that the use of Edig@s can bring for the harmonisation of the European gas market.


Get access to our Electronic Platforms

Through our different Electronic Platforms you can, acquire capacity, nominate, follow-up your balancing position, get access to useful reports and invoices and much more.

Our different Fluxys Electronic Platforms are equipped with single sign-on functionalitymeaning you establish a single set of credentials (email and password) that you then use to access each of the different platforms. When you are granted access rights to one of our platforms (either by your Administrator – see section below – or by a Fluxys representative), you will receive an automated email informing you of this access provision with instructions on how to set up your single sign-on credentials.

Via our Fluxys Group CRM Platform, persons identified as an Administrator for their company can grant, modify, and stop users’ access to the different Fluxys Electronic Platforms and manage contact information. These persons will be able to identify who should be assigned the roles of Commercial, Finance, Operational, IT, Digital Invoice, and/or Extranet-Reader/Manager for each agreement their company has signed with each affiliated company within the Fluxys Group.

As part of the onboarding with Fluxys, your organization fulfilled and signed a KYC Form, in which you established a set of contract-related contacts, including one or more Administrator(s).

Should you later need to request a change in Administrator(s) or would like to indicate additional Administrator(s) for your organization, please fill out and submit this signed form to the relevant Fluxys company(s).


Specifications per Fluxys affiliated company

Find out the specifications per affiliate in order to be operationally ready: