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    Fluxys: Your Partner in Gas Infrastructure

    • 13/12/2019
      Looking for an opportunity to unload your LNG carrier in the coming weeks ?
    • 13/12/2019
      Having embraced climate neutrality since its inception in 2017, Fluxys with the Gas for Climate consortium welcomes the increase in ambition level to fight climate change as reflected in the EU Green Deal.
    • 06/12/2019
      Our Commercial teams will be present again at E-World 2020. Held in the Essen Messe from 11 to 13 February 2020, E-world is a unique opportunity to meet and discuss our latest developments.
      You are more than welcome on stand 418 in Hall 2. Our representatives from Germany, UK, Belgium, Switzerland and France will be available to walk you through our products and services.
    • 22/11/2019
      The climate target to reduce CO2 emissions in Belgium by 80% by 2050 compared to 2005 levels is a major challenge. Hydrogen has an important role to play in the mix of solutions to achieve results. That is why Deme, Engie, Exmar, Fluxys, Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and WaterstofNet are joining forces. A joint study serves as a basis to coordinate delivery of concrete projects that shape the production, transport and storage of hydrogen.

      Products & Services

      Transmission Services

      Our transmission capacity enables you to move your gas throughout Europe from North to South, South to North and East to West.

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      LNG Terminalling

      Our LNG solutions will provide you flexibility and European market access

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      Storage Options

      Our flexible storage services provide you with market facilitating options

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      How to become a Storage User?

      Bringing the energy transition forward

      Fluxys is committed to bring the energy transition forward. As natural gas and green gas have an important role in building a carbon-neutral economy with better air quality, our gas infrastructure is key to help ensure a successful and smooth energy transition. Our assets are an essential complement to electricity infrastructure and serve as a cornerstone for secure, sustainable and affordable energy systems.


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      About Fluxys

      Fluxys is a fully independent gas infrastructure group headquartered in Belgium. We contribute to a sustainable energy future and our passionate teams secure reliable and affordable energy flows into the market. Over the last decade we have become a reference partner for gas infrastructure projects and ventures across Europe. Our ambition is to keep stepping it up and develop into a preferred gas infrastructure partner outside Europe as well.


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      Fluxys in Belgium

      Fluxys Belgium is responsible for the operation and maintenance of over 4,000 kilometers of pipelines throughout Belgium, the gas storage site in Loenhout and the liquefied natural gas terminal in Zeebrugge.


      Fluxys Belgium Pipeline in my vicinity

      How to connect your company to the Belgian grid?


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