Transmission services Belux

Enjoy the most connected transmission grid in Europe:

  • Extensive access to the Northwest European market areas.
  • Direct link to LNG terminals in Zeebrugge and Dunkerque.
  • Connected to the European production facilities.
  • Linked to the Loenhout storage facility.

Providing you the European gas flow crossroad with 20 interconnection points:

  • Transmission from Dutch and Norwegian production sites to France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Italy.
  • Bi-directional transmission between the United Kingdom and continental Europe.
  • The offer of a wide range of arbitrage and trading opportunities on the ZTP market.
  • The flexibility offered by the market based balancing system.

Benefit from a direct connection to:

  • Over 230 large industrial sites, power stations, combined heat and power units connected to our grid.
  • Over 70 aggregated receiving stations on our grid for the local distributors to the households and small and medium enterprises.
  • More than 90 customers already make use of our transmission services.

More info on our Transmission Services in Belgium

More info on our market based balancing system


Transmission services Germany

Benefit from our firm and interruptible capacity products in the TENP pipeline for the bidirectional transport of natural gas between North-West Europe and South Europe. The TENP pipeline connects the gas networks of Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, allowing access via the Belgian transport network to the Zeebrugge-LNG-Terminal of Fluxys in Belgium and the (Fluxys) Dunkerque-LNG-Terminal in France.

Benefit from the North European Natural Gas Pipeline (NEL) and European Gas Pipeline Link (EUGAL) to transport downstream gas flows from the Nord Stream pipelines bringing Russian gas through the Baltic Sea to Germany and the surrounding countries to be transported and made available to the European gas market.

More info on TENP   More info on NEL and EUGAL


Transmission services Switzerland

You are offered a wide range of transmission services from North to South and from South to North, connecting the German, French and Italian gas markets with the Swiss market.

Benefit from capacity services in both directions, firm and interruptible, to maximize your activity on the main European gas trading places.

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Transmission services United Kingdom

Connecting the United Kingdom and Continental European gas markets:

Interconnector owns and operates the physically bi-directional pipeline between the UK and Belgium.

A range of capacity products are offered to the market, and can be purchased via PRISMA or Implicit Allocation.

Benefit from transporting gas between hubs in a range of product types and durations to meet your portfolio requirements.

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