Hydrogen terminalling

Hydrogen infrastructure development in Belgium

Following the Request For Information and the Matchmaking phase, the market shows a mature need for an open access H2 infrastructure in different areas.


More information on our hydrogen infrastructure proposals

Please feel free to complete the Request For Information form if you haven't done so already or if your internal process is still ongoing.

We will be integrating your responses on a rolling basis as they continue to come in and keep finetuning our infrastructure mapping.

Your contribution is essential: we are currently conducting a market consultation to shape the hydrogen infrastructure in Belgium.

Hydrogen terminalling projects

  • H2 pipes and girl

    Hydrogen: Preparing to build the network


    The Information Memorandum includes information on the transport of hydrogen as a low-carbon energy carrier. It is linked to infrastructure proposals developed in response to market interest and the match between hydrogen supply and demand in specific areas, between these areas and even across national borders.

  • NH3 Antwerp Terminal


    Fluxys and Advario have joined forces by signing a ‘Joint Development Agreement’ to embark on a significant initiative: the development of an ammonia (NH₃) terminal on the Advario Gas Terminal site in Antwerp. This strategic partnership aims to address the growing demand for import of sustainable energy carriers in Europe and accelerate the region's transition towards decarbonisation.

  • Zeebrugge Multi-molecule Hub

    Natural gas and biomethaneHydrogenCarbonAmmonia

    The Zeebrugge Multi-molecule Hub is a flagship project in Fluxys’ strategy to speed up the energy transition. The project envisions the Zeebrugge LNG terminal to reshape into a multi-directional and multi-molecule hub for large-scale decarbonisation. Serving as a crossroads of tomorrow’s molecule flows, the terminal is set to offer in one single ecosystem a comprehensive array of multi-molecule decarbonisation services for the Northwest European market.