Zeebrugge Multi-molecule Hub

Crossroads of tomorrow’s molecule flows

The Zeebrugge Multi-molecule Hub is a flagship project in Fluxys’ strategy to speed up the energy transition. The project envisions the Zeebrugge LNG terminal to reshape into a multi-directional and multi-molecule hub for large-scale decarbonisation. Serving as a crossroads of tomorrow’s molecule flows, the terminal is set to offer in one single ecosystem a comprehensive array of multi-molecule decarbonisation services for the Northwest European market.

Planning ahead is of the essence

Through the Zeebrugge Multi-molecule Hub project Fluxys anticipates tomorrow's market needs to deliver on the challenging decarbonisation targets ahead. Large-scale maritime imports of low-carbon hydrogen or derivatives will be required as well as the export of massive quantities of CO2 for safe and permanent sequestration under the seabed. To support this transition, sufficient inflow of natural gas serving the new flow configurations in Europe is a continued need for which decarbonisation potential of carbon-neutral biomethane and synthetic methane can be leveraged.

Fully shouldering the Belgian federal hydrogen strategy

As flagship project in Fluxys' strategy, the initiative to broaden the Zeebrugge terminal's services range and infrastructure into tomorrow's decarbonisation needs fully shoulders both the Belgian federal hydrogen strategy and the objective of Port of Antwerp-Bruges to become a green energy and feedstock hub.

Terminal Zeebrugge team with H2

Unique and geographically strategic location

Fluxys Zeebrugge terminal

A cornerstone infrastructure for Northwest Europe's security of supply today, the Zeebrugge terminal has all it takes to serve the market as tomorrow's multi-molecule hub of choice. Its optimum port location, deep connectivity into the Northwest European hinterland and nearly 40 years of operational experience are the solid bedrock for reshaping the terminal's infrastructure and offer the market a unique opportunity for the future.

Close cooperation with the market

Close cooperation with the market is at the core of Fluxys’ approach. A first initiative towards the market for the Zeebrugge Multi-molecule Hub project is the call for market interest of November 2023.

Fluxys invites all interested parties to specify their interest in a multitude of possibilities at the Zeebrugge terminal: services for carbon-neutral bio-LNG or synthetic LNG, hydrogen, hydrogen carriers, compressed natural gas (CNG) and conventional LNG.


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