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    A quick look at our vibrant activities

    We operate 28,000 kilometres of pipelines in Europe, the Middle East and South America.

    We manage liquefied natural gas terminals in Belgium, France, Greece and Chile, with a total yearly regasification capacity of 450 TWh.

    We store natural gas – ready for motion. With our state-of-the-art technology, we assure underground storage at our Loenhout, Belgium storage facility.

    We’re growing! Our some 1,300 people are working on our expansion – both into ingenious solutions in green energy and into new geographies - beyond Belgium and Europe.

    Purpose leads us: we contribute to a better society by shaping a bright energy future – together with you!

    We’re committed to sharing and shaping new energy forms for a carbon-neutral world.

    A delightful surprise

    Did you know that Fluxys has a huge array of scintillating jobs?
    Below a small taste:

    Dispatch – staying calm in moments of alert

    Do you have lightning-fast reflexes? Does adrenalin motivate you?

    Working in dispatch you’ll be a part of our central nervous system. To work here you have to be calm but constantly alert and fast on your feet. Working remotely, you must intercept alerts and send out crews – emergency and technical – to perform urgent maintenance on our infrastructure. A crucial job, our dispatch team is always looking for motivated smart team players – people who take their role as seriously as the lives they are keeping safe.

    Working at the terminal – each touch of your hand ensures security

    Are you technically oriented? Do you like variety, responsibility?

    If you work at one of Fluxys’ terminals – in Belgium or abroad – you’ll find variety where every task you perform is of utmost importance. Working with energy, all that you do follows well-defined health, safety and security guidelines. Good terminal operators are jewels in our Fluxys crown – they are at the heart of what we do in assuring safe and secure gas infrastructure that quietly makes the world work.

    ICT Business Analyst - connecting business and ICT for creative solutions

    Do you love bridging and structuring ideas – both from the business and ICT? Are you talented at translating these ideas and business needs into concepts and processes for astute ICT solutions?

    As an ICT business analyst at Fluxys, you’ll act as a creative bridge between the business and ICT. You’ll be able to use your excellent soft skills of understanding and interaction to get to know the business and analyse their needs. Your ability to develop clarity in processes while thinking ‘out of the box’ will help you motivate your ICT colleagues to build innovative solutions.

    Our values

    The foundations of how we work

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