Who we are

Headquartered in Belgium, Fluxys is a fully independent infrastructure group with 1,300 employees active in gas transmission & storage and liquefied natural gas terminalling.

As a purpose-led company, Fluxys together with its stakeholders contributes to a better society by shaping a bright energy future. Building on the unique assets of its infrastructure and its commercial and technical expertise, Fluxys is committed to enabling a 100% carbon-neutral energy system by 2050.

We operate in Europe, the Middle East and South America. Where the market is ready, as an infrastructure company we are also ready for the transition to a hybrid energy future in which carbon-neutral molecules and renewable electricity complement one another in the energy system.

We operate 28,000 km of pipelines across Europe, South America and the Middle East.

We manage liquefied natural gas terminals in Belgium, France, Greece and Chile, with a total yearly regasification capacity of 450 TWh.

We store natural gas at our underground gas storage facility in Loenhout, Belgium.

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Our purpose

Shaping together a bright energy future - We are committed to continuing to build a greener energy future for the generations to come. People, industry and societies all need energy to thrive and progress. Fluxys accommodates this need: we put energy in motion through our infrastructure. We move natural gas while paving the way for the transmission of hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier as well as carbon dioxide, accommodating the capture, usage and storage of the latter.

Our vision

The essential infrastructure partner for speeding up the energy transition.

Our values

Our values underpin the way we work and do business, they are the foundation of our culture and drive our path forward.

Value Respect

We value the uniqueness of every individual.

We look out for each other, keeping our employees safe and well.

We make our decisions consciously for the environment, communities and future generations.

Value Open

We foster teamwork and open communication to create a workplace where different perspectives are embraced, and employees are empowered to shape the future.

With an open mind, we take action, we adapt swiftly, and we seize opportunities with a can-do attitude to drive the energy transition.

Value Reliable

We are committed to earning and building trust in all our partnerships.

We go above and beyond for our customers and partners.

We are in it for the long term and society can count on us for affordable, sustainable and safe infrastructures.

Management team

Pascal De Buck

Managing Director and CEO

Arno Büx

Chief Commercial Officer

Christian Leclercq

Chief Financial Officer

Peter Verhaeghe

Chief Technical Officer

Our policies

Fluxys Group ethical code

We create a safe and respectful working environment, uphold high human rights standards and are committed to do business ethically through responsible interactions with our business partners.

Download the Ethical code (PDF 233KB)

Whistleblowing policy

We encourage a culture of openness that allows everyone to express any concerns about unlawful or unethical behaviour.

Download our Whistleblowing policy (PDF 187KB)

Fluxys Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is a shared responsibility and a joint commitment of Fluxys and its employees. Transparency and trust are key to deliver on our HSE Policy.

Well-being at work
  • Fluxys is committed to investing in health and safety at work and in the prevention of incidents
  • Employees and contractors have the individual responsibility to live up to that commitment in their actions
  • We continuously improve to further enhance our safety culture
Integrity of our assets
  • We ensure safe, reliable and sustainable operations towards our stakeholders
  • We actively manage risk through a Quality & Safety Management System
  • We report incidents and learn from experience
Commitment to the climate targets
  • We are committed to accommodating the energy carriers of the future
  • We invest in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions
  • We improve our ecological footprint

Social media policy

Fluxys’ social media policy is a concise set of principles for our employees to support them in navigating the online ocean. The principles empower our employees to be ambassadors of Fluxys while facilitating compliance with applicable laws & regulations and protecting the company’s reputation.

Contractors and consultants are also expected to act consistently with Fluxys’ social media policy when acting on the company’s behalf. With business partners supplying goods and services, we seek to obtain a level of behaviour standards on social media equivalent to ours.

Download our social media policy (PDF 188KB)


Publigas (77.38%)

Publigas is the Belgian municipal holding company in the natural gas sector.

Energy Infrastructure Partners (15.22%)

Energy Infrastructure Partners (EIP) is a Switzerland-based infrastructure investor and energy sector specialist.

AG Insurance (1.97%)

AG Insurance is a Belgian insurance company that is part of the international insurance group Ageas.

Ethias (1.31%)

Ethias is a Belgian insurance group whose main shareholders are the Belgian government, the Flemish Region and the Walloon Region.

The Federal Holding and Investment Company (3.44%)

The Federal Holding and Investment Company is a federal Belgian holding set up to manage, on behalf of the Belgian State, shareholdings in public and private companies of strategic economic importance to Belgium.

Employees and management (0.67%)

Since 2012, Fluxys group employees and management have had multiple opportunities to become Fluxys shareholders.


The diagram above shows a simplified structure of the Fluxys group for the sake of readability.

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