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    The Fluxys group attaches great importance to giving you access to all the information and tools you need in order to achieve your business goals The links below could be very useful for your business

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    Terms & Conditions

    Check out our terms and conditions.

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    Have a look at the current tariffs of all the entities from the Fluxys group.

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    Price simulator

    Select the services you are interested in and get a customized price simulation that answers to your needs.

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    Customer Interactions

    Take part in our market consultations and give us your opinion on current and future services through different types of subscriptions.

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    Transparency Requirements

    In order to meet REMIT's objective of transparency, Fluxys is providing data to ACER. These are commercial and technical information necessary for network users to get access to this website.

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    Operational Information

    Once registered as a shipper, requests for capacity services can be submitted and at the same time shipper can prepare its operational readiness.

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    Incremental capacity

    The incremental capacity process aims to analyse the market in order to find out if network capacity expansion projects should take place to meet the demand.

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    Unit converter

    Convert capacities, volumes and prices into the unit of your choice.

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