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Fluxys Belgium group net profit 2022

€ 83.7 million

Fluxys Belgium gross dividend 2022

€ 1.40/share

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Share Information

Share Price


Fluxys Belgium's share is listen on Euronext. For a real-time share price visit the Euronext website.

Financial Service

Shareholders may exercise their financial rights at BELFIUS

Gross/Net dividend per share

  2022 2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015
Gross dividend per share 1.40 1.38 1.37 1.30 1.26 1.23 1.20 1.20
Net dividend per share 0.98 0.966 0.959 0.910 0.882 0.861 0.84 0.876

Dividend payment

Payment of dividend for financial year 2022 in French and Dutch (PDF 842KB)

Payment of dividend for financial year 2021 in French and Dutch (PDF 819KB)

Payment of dividend for financial year 2020 in French and Dutch (PDF 819KB)

Payment of dividend for financial year 2019 in French and Dutch (PDF 844KB)

Payment of dividend for financial year 2018 in French (PDF 442KB) or in Dutch (PDF 458KB)

Payment of dividend for financial year 2017 in French (PDF 166KB) or in Dutch (PDF 168KB)

Payment of dividend for financial year 2016 in French (PDF 245KB) or in Dutch (PDF 261KB)

Shareholder Structure

Fluxys Belgium is a public limited company and is part of the Fluxys group. The capital of Fluxys Belgium is held by:

The total number of shares is 70,263,501. All shares are entitled to dividends.

The shares are issued in the following classes: class B, D and the ‘golden share’.

  • The shares of class B are and will remain registered shares.
  • The shares of class D are registered or dematerialised at the discretion of the shareholder who shall bear any conversion charges.
  • The class B shares are automatically converted into class D shares when they are transferred to a third party.
  • 16.71% of the shares are listed on Euronext, 6.71% of them are held by Fluxys and the remaining 10% are held by the public.
  • The golden share held by the Belgian State gives the federal government special rights should Fluxys Belgium consider selling strategic infrastructure whose sale would, in the competent minister's opinion, compromise the country's energy interests. The Belgian State is represented by the federal Minister of Energy. For more details on the rights attached to the special share of the Belgian State, please refer to the Corporate Governance Declaration, ‘Voting rights and special powers’. 

General shareholder info

Number of shares and voting rights
Total capital €60,271,698.31
Total number of shares with voting right 70,263,501 shares
Total number of voting rights (denominator) 70,263,501 voting rights
Number of shares with voting right, by Category
Category B 58,523,700 shares
Category D 11,739,800 shares
Golden Share 1 share
Number of voting rights, by Category
Category B 58,523,700 voting rights
Category D 11,739,800 voting rights
Golden Share 1 voting right
Thresholds required under the articles of association
No thresholds are required under the articles of association
Warrants and convertible bonds
No warrants or convertible bonds were issued


Notifications in accordance with the legislation on transparency

Fluxys press release relaying the information contained in the notification of 13 December 2017:
Fluxys press release dated on 2 January 2018

Ordinary notification of 13 December 2017

Notifications in accordance with the legislation on public take-over bids

Notification of major participation by Publigaz and Fluxys of 31 August 2016

Notification of major participation by Publigaz and Fluxys of 31 August 2015

Financial info

Key Figures

  31/12/2022 31/12/2021
Financial ratios
Solvency 43% 57%
Interest Coverage 21.39 6.75
Net Financial Debt/extended RAB 17% 28%
FFO/Net Financial Debt
144% 25%
RCF/Net Financial Debt
125% 13%
Income statement in thousands of €
Operating Revenue 912,559 573,191
EBITDA 323,167 318,905
EBIT 147,305 137,821
Net Profit 83,728 75,521
Balance sheet in thousands of €
Investments for the period in property, plant and equipment 105,525 50,647
Total property. plant and equipment 1,855,375 1,902,037
Equity 643,617 639,674
Net Financial Debt 493,800 846,046
Total consolidated balance sheet 3,406,570 2,634,514
Financial indicators
RAB in millions of €
Transmission 2,059.1 2,047.5
Storage 228.0 228.8
LNG terminalling 305.7 303.0
Property. plant and equipment besides RAB in millions of € 417.7 410.4
Extended RAB in millions of € 3,010.6 2,989.7
WACC before taxes
Transmission 4.88% 4.92%
Storage 5.06% 5.09%
LNG terminalling
4.83% 4.99%

Issued bonds

Amount Issuance Maturity Coupon ISIN
€300 million October 2017 October 2027 1.750% BE0002292614
€50 million October 2017 October 2032 2.375% BE0002293620
€250 million November 2014 November 2029 2.750% BE0002218841
€100 million November 2014 November 2034 3.250% BE0002219856

Meetings & calendar

Ordinary General Meeting on 9 May 2023

The Board of Directors of Fluxys Belgium SA has the honour to invite the shareholders of the company to attend the ordinary general meeting to be held on Tuesday 9 May 2023 from 2.30 pm at the company's registered office, Kunstlaan 31, 1040 Brussels. 

You will find more information on the practical arrangements to follow in the documents below.

  • Report for the Ordinary General Meeting in French (PDF 449KB) or Dutch (PDF 440KB)
  • Convocation letter in French (PDF 135KB) or Dutch (PDF 159KB)
  • Notice of meeting for the Ordinary General Meeting in French (PDF 130KB) or Dutch (PDF 129KB)
  • Annual Report 2022 (PDF 10.1MB)
  • Confirmation of participation in French (PDF 119KB) or Dutch (PDF 119KB)
  • Proxy vote for the Ordinary General Meeting in French (PDF 112KB) or Dutch (PDF 110KB)

Financial Calendar

Annual release:
Annual Results 2022

Annual General Meeting 

Annual release:
Half-yearly Results 2023


Quick links

Archive of General Meetings


Management team BE

Pascal De Buck
Managing director
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Arno Büx
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Christian Leclercq
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Peter Verhaeghe
Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Audit and Risk Committee

Daniel Termont

Sabine Colson
Laurent Coppens
Cécile Flandre
Anne Leclercq
Wim Vermeir
Sandra Wauters

Nicolas Daubies acts as secretary to the Audit and Risk Committee.

Corporate Governance Committee

Sabine Colson

Laurent Coppens
Valentine Delwart
Sandra Gobert
Roberte Kesteman
Anne Leclercq
Josly Piette

Nicolas Daubies acts as secretary to the Corporate Governance Committee.

Board of Directors

Andries Gryffroy

Overview of the members of the Board

Federal government representative acting in an advisory capacity
Maxime Saliez
Tom Vanden Borre 

Nicolas Daubies acts as secretary to the Board of Directors

Appointment and Remuneration Committee

Koen Van den Heuvel

Valentine Delwart
Cécile Flandre
Sandra Gobert
Gianni Infanti
Roberte Kesteman
Geert Versnick

Anne Vander Schueren acts as secretary to the Appointment and Remuneration Committee.

Corporate Governance Charter

Fluxys Belgium has adopted all the provisions on management transparency with a view to ensuring that its shareholders are provided with relevant and fair information and that all the users of its transmission grid and its facilities are treated in a non-discriminatory way and in a spirit of confidentiality.

Compliance Programme

The Executive Board and Board of Directors of Fluxys Belgium have approved the compliance programme with the rules of conduct guiding personnel in their interactions with grid users:

  • rules on maintaining the confidentiality of commercial information concerning grid users, Fluxys Belgium and Fluxys LNG;
  • rules on ensuring non-discriminatory and transparent treatment of all grid users or categories of grid users, including parties merely making requests for services;
  • rules to ensure the independence and impartiality of personnel in their dealings with producers, distributors, suppliers and intermediaries.

The compliance programme has been communicated to the works council responsible for Fluxys Belgium and Fluxys LNG. The rules in the compliance programme are also included in the work regulations.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association of Fluxys Belgium valid since the Extraordinary Annual General Meeting of 2020 in French (PDF 265KB) or in Dutch (PDF 180KB)