Zeebrugge LNG Terminal

Natural gas and biomethane

We are committed to continuing to build a greener energy future for the generations to come. People, industry, and societies all need energy to thrive and progress. We accommodate this need: we put energy in motion through our infrastructure. We move natural gas while paving the way for the transmission of hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier as well as carbon dioxide, accommodating the capture, usage, and storage of the latter.

Reliable supply for gas and biomethane

Through our assets and partnerships in key European gas infrastructure you can use our gas delivery capacity in all directions to end user markets across the East/West and North/South supply routes.

Discover our wide range of Transmission, LNG and Storage services and determine your specific capacity need. Enjoy the most connected transmission grid in Europe with extensive access to production facilities and market areas. We offer a direct link to LNG terminals in Zeebrugge and Dunkerque and to the Loenhout storage facility

Carbon transmission

How can we help to boost your business?

Enabling customers to buy and sell gas

Through our Transmission services, customers can secure pipeline capacity with us to supply natural gas to end users or to move it from border to border for onward delivery in Europe. We also offer trading services enabling customers to buy and sell gas in the different European gas trading places. 

Transmissioning natural gas and biomethane

The Zeebrugge (Belgium) and Dunkerque (France) LNG terminal, provide you with maximum flexibility for: unloading and loading of any type of LNG carriers, keeping LNG in storage and regasifying it for transmission in the network. Customers also can buy capacity at the terminal to transship between LNG ships or load LNG onto LNG truck trailers for break bulk distribution. Next to this, we also sell capacity at the port of Antwerp for supplying ships that use LNG as a fuel. 

A secure and flexible gas supply

Loenhout storage facility is the perfect solution to store your natural gas. This facility is an aquifer storage for high calorific natural gas with a capacity of 770 mcm in gas volume.

Through our Storage Services you can seize every market opportunity and get storage capacity that is connected to several liquid markets and terminals, you can switch easily from injection to withdrawal mode or make last minute (re)nominations and adapt to variations in gas consumption and entry flows throughout the year and get access to a secure and flexible gas supply.

Trust in us, as a partner for natural gas and biomethane

We want to play a key role in the energy mix of the future not only via our Hydrogen and Carbon infrastructure developments but also via the transportation of biogas.

Biogas is carbon neutral and is produced from organic matter such as sludge, garden waste, the remains of fruit and vegetables, or animal waste like cow manure. When biogas is purified into biomethane, it can be transported via the existing natural gas systems without restriction.

So, get your green gas into our grid and supply households and businesses with a carbon-neutral energy source or use the Zeebrugge LNG Terminal which is part of a BioLNG supply chain.  

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