Successful outcome of the subscription window for additional long term regasification slots in the LNG terminal of Zeebrugge

From June 10th until July 1st, Fluxys LNG has offered 24 additional long-term regasification slots for the period 2027-2044. The outcome of the subscription window was positive with all offered capacity subscribed on the long term. 

In the context of the modified gas flows in Europe, Fluxys LNG has dedicated the past few years to optimize the utilization of its infrastructure in Zeebrugge and to enhance the scheduling of vessels by offering additional short-term capacity on top of the existing long-term base capacity of the LNG terminal.  

Responding to the Call for Market Interest of November 2023 regarding Fluxys LNG’s expansion plans, many shippers expressed their interest in securing long-term regasification capacity. Consequently, Fluxys LNG decided to convert its short-term offering into long-term capacity. 

Fluxys LNG offered this additional long-term capacity for the period 2027-2044 via a subscription window organized between Monday 10th June and Monday 1st July 2024. The market responded positively and Fluxys LNG is pleased to announce that all offered capacity has been subscribed.