A Group committed to a sustainable energy system and a cleaner world

    Our purpose: why we matter

    As a key infrastructure partner, we are building a sustainable and cleaner energy future. That is our purpose. With our terminalling, transmission and storage infrastructure for different molecules, we bring energy where it is needed – today and tomorrow.


    The energy ecosystem is complex and the demand for energy as a driver of human progress combined with a global need to make energy more sustainable is a challenge that requires everyone’s commitment. Redesigning the energy system will not be easy, yet it can be done if we work together. Together refers to all our stakeholders: our employees, shareholders, industrial partners, customers, the general public and all actors in the energy system. At Fluxys, we firmly believe in this collaboration.


    Our infrastructure, with its storage capacity and capacity to handle molecules for a low-carbon future such as hydrogen and CO2, will play a major role in the transition to a bright energy future for all.


    The word future entails responsibility. With our unique assets as an infrastructure company, we owe it to ourselves to contribute to a greener energy future for generations to come.

    Our strategic framework

    What we want to achieve: our ambition

    As a key infrastructure partner, we want to accelerate the energy transition with infrastructure for different molecules. We aim to offer customers substantial capacity for supplying hydrogen and carrying away CO₂ by 2030.

    How we do it: 3 pillars

    1. Our values

    Value Respect

    We value the uniqueness of every individual.

    We look out for each other, keeping our employees safe and well.

    We make our decisions consciously for the environment, communities and future generations.

    Value Open

    We foster teamwork and open communication to create a workplace where different perspectives are embraced, and employees are empowered to shape the future.

    With an open mind, we take action, we adapt swiftly, and we seize opportunities with a can-do attitude to drive the energy transition.

    Value Reliable

    We are committed to earning and building trust in all our partnerships.

    We go above and beyond for our customers and partners.

    We are in it for the long term and society can count on us for affordable, sustainable and safe infrastructures.

    2. An inspiring vision of sustainability

    Fluxtainable is our ESG compass (Environment – Social – Governance):
    How do we ensure we develop our activities sustainably while taking a long-term view for us and for all our stakeholders?
    We are moving forward in five areas on our sustainability path.

    Fluxtainable icon Moving

    We accelerate the energy transition with multi-molecule infrastructure, today and tomorrow.

    Fluxtainable icon Green

    We become a net-zero company and we preserve the natural capital.

    Fluxtainable icon Safe

    We keep high safety standards in an evolving business.

    Fluxtainable icon People

    We encourage diversity, talent development and employee engagement.

    Fluxtainable icon Responsible

    We conduct our business in a responsible way.

    3. A clear strategy

    Our activities


    28,000 km of pipelines in operation 


    450 TWh/year of LNG regasification capacity, with terminals in Belgium, France, Greece and Chile


    7,610 GWh of underground gas storage and capacity in Belgium

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    Working at Fluxys
    At Fluxys you'll find jobs in the energy sector. We put energy in motion: today with natural gas in our infrastructure, and for the future we innovate with green gas and new gas technologies.