Über uns

    Since our company was founded in 1929, we have been pursuing a deeply rooted purpose: providing people, businesses and society with energy. We bring energy where it is needed.

    With nearly a century of experience in gas transmission and transport, we are now in the process of building a multi-molecule hub for a carbon-neutral future.

    What we do and why

    We are committed to continue building a cleaner energy future for generations to come. People, industry and societies all need energy to thrive and progress. We meet that need. With our infrastructure we put energy in motion – in Europe, the Middle East and South America.

    We transport natural gas and we are ready to transport hydrogen, biomethane and any other low-carbon energy carriers, as well as CO2, all in an ongoing effort to support carbon capture, reuse and storage. 

    Accelerating the energy transition

    We want to be the key infrastructure partner for accelerating the transition from fossil to renewable. We are building the necessary infrastructure with passion, plenty of ambition and an open mind for what the future will bring.  

    Wherever possible we will repurpose the infrastructure currently carrying natural gas so that it can transport hydrogen (H2) and CO2. To that end, we rely on pioneering research carried out in collaboration with universities and research institutes. And where necessary, we build new connections – including with neighbouring countries – and lay new pipelines. 

    Where we operate


    28,000 km of pipelines in operation 


    450 TWh/year of LNG regasification capacity, with terminals in Belgium, France, Greece and Chile


    7,610 GWh of underground gas storage and capacity in Belgium

    Our infrastructure: critical for the energy transition

    The energy transition is at the very heart of our strategy. Our company and our infrastructure both facilitate and accelerate the transition to the energy mix of the future, comprising low-carbon molecules such as hydrogen and renewable energy from wind and solar. The capture, reuse and storage of CO₂ are among the solutions needed to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

    Hydrogen and CO2 backbone for Belgium

    Our approach is based on converting our infrastructure and developing it into complementary networks to supply Belgium with hydrogen and to carry captured CO₂ to sites for storage or reuse.

    Our energy transition

    Fluxys: facts and figures

    We also like to express our ambition in figures:

    new employees

    €905 Mln
    contribution to prosperity

    More figures and information can be found in our annual reports:


    Working at Fluxys
    At Fluxys you'll find jobs in the energy sector. We put energy in motion: today with natural gas in our infrastructure, and for the future we innovate with green gas and new gas technologies.