About Fluxys Belgium

Who we are

Fluxys Belgium is a Euronext listed subsidiary of infrastructure group Fluxys headquartered in Belgium. With 900 employees the company operates 4,000 kilometers of pipeline, a liquefied natural gas terminal totalling a yearly regasification capacity of 174 TWh and an underground storage facility.

As a purpose-led company, Fluxys Belgium together with its stakeholders contributes to a better society by shaping a bright energy future. Building on the unique assets of its infrastructure and its commercial and technical expertise, Fluxys Belgium is committed to transporting hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier as well as CO2, accommodating the capture, usage and storage of the latter.

Towards multi-molecule infrastructure

Driven by our first-mover approach, we have developed our infrastructure into the key crossroads for international gas flows in Northwest Europe. Customers can use our system either for supplying gas into Belgium or move it to any adjacent market for onward delivery throughout Northwest Europe.

Our commitment to the climate targets forms an integral part of our business strategy with a focus on our key role as an infrastructure company in speeding up the energy transition. Our approach to molecule transmission for a carbon-neutral future is fully in line with the European Commission’s decarbonisation package and hydrogen strategy, the Belgian federal government’s hydrogen strategy, and the climate approach of Belgium’s regions.

Given the developments in the legal and regulatory framework, and in line with industrial demand, we are thoroughly preparing to convert our network into a multi-molecule system which we will use to transport not only natural gas and biomethane but also hydrogen and other carbon-neutral molecules and CO2. This will enable us to offer industry powerful tools for reducing large-scale CO2 emissions and thus sustainably safeguarding economic activity and employment.

Focus on safety

About half of our 900 staff is located at the company’s headquarters in Brussels. The other half work in our regional operating sites, the Zeebrugge LNG terminal, the Loenhout storage facility and our compressor stations. As we are responsible for handling an energy that entails risks, safety is our number one priority. More than half of our staff focus on constructing safe facilities and their safe operation.

Ethical Code

We create a safe and respectful working environment, uphold high human rights standards and are committed to do business ethically through responsible interactions with our business partners.

Download the Ethical Code (PDF 233KB)

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