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    What is your company's hydrogen potential?

    You want to drastically reduce your company's emissions? You want to shape a climate-neutral future for your company? Your company's future vision includes hydrogen? 

    But how to make it happen? Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to enable and accelerate the energy transition for your company. Discover what we can offer below.

    Request for information: share your hydrogen infrastructure needs

    You want your company to go all in on hydrogen, but where do you start? Just fill in a ‘Request for Information’ to kick off the onboarding process. The more insight we have into market demand, the better we can gear our infrastructure and services to it. Our experts will work with you to investigate how we can work together.

    We will be happy to guide you towards the right solution for you.

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    Matchmaking: Connect with other hydrogen parties

    Many companies are enthusiastic about hydrogen, whether for production or consumption. It is not always easy for companies to find a producer or buyer, and we are happy to help as a neutral market facilitator. Who knows? Maybe there are companies in your area that also see opportunities in the hydrogen economy and with whom you can connect. This offers potential for expanding the hydrogen infrastructure.

    Find like-minded parties with our hydrogen-matchmaker.

    Express your interest: Get connected to the hydrogen network

    The market showed already a mature need for an open access hydrogen infrastructure in different areas. Based on the collected data from the Request For Information, Fluxys hydrogen worked out some concrete infrastructure proposals to kickstart the hydrogen market. The other areas will be further explored as well with growing market demand and Specific Infrastructure Proposals will follow based on market needs.

    If your company fits within a Specific Proposal, it’s time to enter into an Expression of Interest and start the journey towards a connection. That's how we ensure that companies can easily connect to our growing hydrogen network.

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