Information for suppliers

Centralised procurement

Both for Fluxys Belgium and Fluxys LNG (Zeebrugge LNG terminal) procurement is centralised for goods and services including:

  • gas equipment;
  • investment projects (various contracts or turnkey projects);
  • various general purchases, such as energy, IT equipment and services contracts.

Depending on the kind of technical or general purchases, as a supplier you have one or more dedicated contacts at our Procurement Department. When in doubt, please enquire at

Procurement policy

In its procurement policy, Fluxys strives to find the right balance between safety, reliability and expense. We open up procurement contracts systematically and ensure that contractors are treated equally.

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European tendering procedures

For the supply of goods and services and for the execution of works, Fluxys applies the European tendering procedure for each purchase exceeding a certain threshold.

Read more about this procedure and the thresholds in Dutch or French.

Central warehouses

Some purchases have to be delivered to Fluxys’s central warehouses in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Anderlecht and Winksele.

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Transversal purchasing

For some purchases, Fluxys makes use of transversal purchasing platforms like C4Gas.

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Safe working conditions

Fluxys does everything to ensure safe working conditions on its sites for its own workforce and its contractors’ and subcontractors’ employees.

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Contractors with Fluxys certification have access, via a personal user name and password, to the extranet for suppliers. There they can find a range of standard documents, such as specifications, standard plans and technical specifications.