Our sustainability path: fluxtainable

Fluxtainable is our ESG compass. How do we ensure that we develop our activities sustainably in a long-term perspective for us and for all our stakeholders? Fluxtainable is also our dashboard for communicating transparently about the progress we are making in our sustainability performance.

What is our impact on the environment and society? And what financial impact do external factors have on our company? On this basis, together with our stakeholders, we identified the ten material ESG topics that form the core of our path towards sustainability. We group the ten material ESG topics into five key domains.

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Our 5 key domains

Fluxtainable icon Moving

We accelerate the energy transition with multi-molecule infrastructure, today and tomorrow.

Fluxtainable icon Green

We become a net-zero company and we preserve the natural capital.

Fluxtainable icon Safe

We keep high safety standards in an evolving business.

Fluxtainable icon People

We encourage diversity, talent development and employee engagement.

Fluxtainable icon Responsible

We conduct our business in a responsible way.

Our stories

co2ncreat logo

co₂ncreat is a circular project in Wallonia using CO₂ to make sustainable concrete blocks for the construction industry. Fluxys uses its infrastructure to transport the CO₂ between the emitter and the block producer.

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accelerator is our innovation lab approach to quickly and flexibly developing digital solutions for our customers, employees and other stakeholders. We always work with ad hoc cross-cutting accelerator teams to tackle a very specific challenge of our business. We first look for the right problem from the end-user's perspective and then collect the different possible solutions and test the most suitable of them and align them optimally with the end-user's needs.

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