CO₂ transmission

CO₂ infrastructure for Belgium

Action speaks louder than words. In our core business of gas infrastructure, we are pressing ahead to reconfigure our assets in Belgium to help achieve climate neutrality in 2050.

Based on our experience with natural gas, we are joining forces with industry and our other stakeholders to develop as from 2025 our infrastructure into 3 complementary systems for transporting:

  • methane (in which carbon-neutral biomethane and synthetic methane increasingly will replace quantities of natural gas),
  • hydrogen and
  • carbon

As we make the gas system accommodate carbon-neutral energy carriers and the circular use of captured carbon, we unlock new solutions for the industry in its efforts to achieve sustainable recovery and growth.

Hydrogen and CO2 demand and supply levels in specific clusters need to be matched. Via mutual exchanges between different interested parties (suppliers and offtakers) several promising infrastructure proposals are launched.

CO₂ infrastructure proposals

Following the Request For Information the market shows a mature need for an open access CO2 infrastructure in specific areas.


More information on our carbon infrastructure proposals

Please also still feel free to complete the Request For Information if you wouldn’t have done so far or if your internal process is still ongoing. We will be integrating your responses on a rolling basis as they continue to come in and keep finetuning our infrastructure mapping.

Your contribution is essential: we are currently conducting a market consultation to shape the CO₂ infrastructure in Belgium.

Interested to learn how we arrived at these proposals?

  • Infosession 26/01/2021
    Potential users of the hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure were invited to our info session on 26/01/2021. During the session we broadly outlined our approach, the commercial process and the technical orientations.

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  • Request for Information
    Potential users of the hydrogen and/or CO2 infrastructure were invited to fill out our request for information: a questionnaire allowing us to get a clear overview of how market needs develop geographically and over time.

    The information gathered through the requests serves as our data tool to develop a clear overview of how market needs develop geographically and over time.

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  • Collect and Aggregate
    This is the process of consolidating and aggregating the results gathered through the Request for information responses. Bilateral exchanges the market participants helped us to deepen our understanding of the market needs.

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  • Unify supply and demand
    Starting from the data collected, we are in a stage of approaching participants to facilitate mutual exchanges between them in order to match their demand and supply levels for both hydrogen and CO2.

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  • Infrastructure proposals
    This is the process of updating on the developments in the hydrogen and CO2 markets while making hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure proposals based on the identified market interest and the matching of hydrogen and CO2 demand and supply levels in specific clusters.

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