Partner of Choice

Focus on infrastructure business

Independent partner: no conflicts of interest in commodity business

Added value of integrating lean and purpose fit infrastructure component in gas supply projects

Expert knowledge and experience in array of regulatory regimes and gas markets in the process of unbundling

Full-range industrial partner

State-of-the art expertise and active involvement throughout the infrastructure value chain

Proven track record of getting deals & projects through

Innovative Thinking

Maximise the value of assets through commercial innovation

Capitalise on portfolio effects

Out-of-the-box thinking

Operational Support & Consultancy Services

LNG terminal modelling

  • Assistance in definition of third party access LNG terminal models
  • LNG terminal models

Transmission & balancing modelling

Assistance in transmission, balancing & trading models in regulated and non-regulated environments

Network simulations

Network capacity simulations & calculations of gas network capabilities

Engineering & procurement services

Engineering and procurement services for pipeline and compressor station projects

Shipper & Market operation services

24/7 gas & power nomination & dispatching services for shippers, Transmission, Storage & LNG terminal operators

Software products

Software products supporting the power, gas flow & LNG terminal management process