Interconnector Capacity Offering for Gas Year 2024 onwards

INT is pleased to confirm two updates to its Capacity Offering for Gas Year 2024 onwards

1. Capacity Classification 

From 1 January 2025, 85% of INT's Technical Capacity will be offered as Firm and 15% as Interruptible in the BE to UK flow direction. Additionally, the offer of Firm Capacity in the UK to BE direction will increase during the Q2 and Q3 2025 periods to 85% of INT’s Technical Capacity. 

The resulting maximum capacity volumes to be made available in the upcoming Annual Auctions on PRISMA can be found here

2. Implicit Allocation Capacity Offering 

Following the close of the Annual Auction on PRISMA (1 July 13:00 UKT onwards), INT will offer a maximum of 90% of its Firm Capacity via IAM for Gas Year 2024, whilst for future years, a maximum of 80% of its Firm Capacity will be made available via IAM. 

Should the Firm Capacity sell out via IAM, a maximum of 90% of INT’s Interruptible Capacity will be offered for Gas Year 2024 and a maximum of 80% for the future gas years as Annual Capacity Products only. 

Latest Charging Statement: Issue 61

The above changes have been reflected in Issue 61 of the INT Charging Statement which is available here, effective from 30 June 2024. 

Within this version, a correction has also been made to the 5-6 and 7+ years incentives to reflect indexation. There are no other changes to previously published tariffs.