LNG in België

LNG terminalling services in Belgium

Access the LNG market in North West Europe thanks to the Zeebrugge terminal. 

The Zeebrugge terminal provides you with maximum flexibility for :

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Unload, store and regas your LNG

Berth, unload, store and regas your LNG at our Zeebrugge LNG terminal.

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Unload your LNG

LNG from anywhere in the world can be transported and unloaded by LNG ship to Zeebrugge.

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Reload your LNG ship

LNG stored in tanks in Zeebrugge can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG ships.

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Transship your LNG

Transfer your LNG from Ship-to-Ship or Ship-Transshipment Storage-Ship in Zeebrugge.

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Load your LNG in trucks or containers

Load your LNG truck or container in Zeebrugge at any time.

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Bunker your LNG

Supply both river and seagoing ships in Antwerp.

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Liquify your gas

Bring LNG to the Zeebrugge LNG terminal without needing a ship through the backhaul liquefaction of your gas.

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Flexible Storage services

Subscribe more storage rights to store more than 140,000 m³ LNG and/or to store your LNG longer than 10 days.

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Flexible Send-out services

Subscribe more send-out rights to regasify faster than 4,2 GW/h.

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Get your BioLNG Liquefaction capacity

Bring ships with BioLNG or convert a biomethane certificate into a BioLNG certificate into the terminal of Zeebrugge.

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