Golden Standard Bundled Unit

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Product description

A golden Standard Bundled Unit (SBU) is a storage package with the following characteristics: 

The golden SBU is designed to enhance the flexibility of the storage product to its maximum in order to seize every market opportunity.

Booking Info

Long term golden SBUs (≥ 2 Years):

  • For sale during subscription window
  • Regulated tariff
  • Availability

Short term golden SBUs (1 Year):

  • For sale during auction window
  • Starting at the reserve price
  • Availability

Want to inject/withdraw your gas faster?

Thanks to the Booster, you can nominate more than your subscribed SBU capacities by using unused capacities. The Booster allows you to inject/withdraw faster into/from the Loenhout Storage facility. 

Unused capacity is:

  • Injection and withdrawal capacity of other storage users that is not used at that moment; 
  • Additional injection and withdrawal capacity made available on the market on a short-term basis due to the storage facility’s physical characteristics. 

Want to get priority on the unused injection and withdrawal capacities?

It is possible thanks to the Priority Booster.

Good to know 

  • If the demand (via nominations) exceeds the available unused capacity:
        - The unused capacity will first be allocated proportionally to the storage users who subscribed Priority Booster capacities;
        - The remaining unused capacity (if any) will then be allocated proportionally to the storage users who subscribed Booster capacities.
  • In case you have nominated more than your subscribed golden SBU and Priority Booster capacities, only the used quantities will be invoiced at the end of the month. For each day of the concerned month, the maximum hourly unused capacity allocated to you will be charged for the full day at the firm injection or withdrawal tariff.



  • At an operational level, reductions on injection and withdrawal rates depend on the filling level:

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ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Priority Booster

Get priority on the available unused capacity on a daily basis with a maximum of the subscribed amount for that period.

ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Overschrijding Gas op Voorraad (GIS-overschrijding)

Overschrijd uw onderschreven volumes met maximaal 105% van uw opslagvolume.
ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Overdracht gas op voorraad (GIS-transfer)

Uw opgeslagen aardgas overdragen aan een andere opslaggebruiker.

ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Storage Products' Availability

Looking for storage opportunities ? Discover our storage products and their availabilities.


ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Storage Data

Data about the booked and available storage service and the filling rate of the storage facility.
ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Booking Calendar

Looking for Storage opportunities?
The following golden Standard Bundled Units (SBU) and Priority Booster capacities are for sale at Loenhout Storage facility as from storage year 2022-2023.
ZTP (BE - LUX)OpslagScheduling Services

Datadiensten – Opslaggebruiker

Monitor uw opslagdata.
In slecht enkele kliks, bekijkt u gratis uw gegevens op ons Elektronisch Data Platform (EDP).

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