Information regarding the outcome of Incremental Capacity Auctions on 05 July 2021

Dear transport customers,

Fluxys Deutschland GmbH would like to draw your attention on the outcome of the Incremental Capacity Auction which took place on 05 July 2021.
After the conclusion of all auctions related to Incremental Capacity, the German regulatory authority "Bundesnetzagentur" (BNetzA) conducted an economic test for each of the respective INC-projects. The result of the economic tests for the projects which involved Fluxys Deutschland GmbH (Projects BK 920/001, BK9-20/002 & BK9 20/007) has been declared as negative by BNetzA, since the offered capacities were not booked. Therefore no binding transport contracts has been concluded between the transmission system operator (TSO) and the bidding parties. 
The status of the Incremental Capacity auctions has been set to “Unsuccessful” on the booking platform PRISMA in order to reflect the outcome of the beforementioned projects to the market.