FluxSwiss -Tender for Summer Capacity with flexibility

Participate in the first tender for Summer 2021 Firm capacity including flexible solutions

This tender will allow you to bid for a product built with a reservation fee and an exercise fee, plus the possibility to cascade the same into underlying products and even exclude a certain number of days.

As you analyze the instruction to tender, you will see that you will be able to customize the product by bidding on many different parameters. With the evaluation formula being published, you will be able to optimize your bid for increased success.


Tender documents

  • SCRF score and cascading table: an excel spreadsheet, provided for your convenience but not formally part of the tender documentation, with a score calculator and an outline of the cascading mechanism.


FluxSwiss is thrilled about this new product, as we believe this is the highest level of flexibility ever offered to the market and can allow you to fully explore the potential of our services.

We are looking forward to your bid, and we remain available for any clarification.