Fluxys Belgium market consultation 59

Market Consultation 59: Transmission Tariffs 2024-2027

From 6 October to 6 December 2022, Fluxys Belgium is holding a market consultation on the proposal for transmission tariffs 2024-2027.

The following document described the proposed transmission tariffs 2024-2027: Consultation document

Check also our Simplified Model

You are kindly invited to send your written comments to marketing@fluxys.com by Tuesday December 6th 2022 close of business.

Please note that in accordance with the TAR NC all responses will be published and no confidential mark-up will be accepted.

Huidige status van de consultatie

Step 1 finished
Uitnodiging om deel te nemen Herziening na commentaren Goedkeuring CREG Aangepaste documenten



Het Consultatierapport (enkel in het Engels) geeft een overzicht van de voornaamste commentaren: Consultation report 59.

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