Update on INT's Pipeline Inspections

Interconnector’s Pipeline Inspection Procedure is planned to commence on 1 October 2023. The procedure involves sending inspection gauges through the pipeline to clean and examine the condition of the asset.

Interconnector will publish an Urgent Market Message at least 15 hours in advance to notify the market of each 24 hour period which will be impacted. During this period nominations will be held flat at 9.51GWh/h in the UK to BE direction. No flow will be available in the BE to UK direction.

The flow in the remaining hours of each Gas Day impacted by the Inspection may need to be capped at a maximum of 9.51GWh/h in the UK to BE direction for operational reasons; INT will publish an Urgent Market Message if a System Constraint is required.

Interconnector is currently anticipating that 3-4 initial inspections will be required. Where possible the inspections will be run back-to-back; each 24 hour inspection period will span two Gas Days and will be followed by one Gas Day of normal operations.

Throughout the Inspection Period (01 Oct – 15 Nov) no UK to BE capacity will be marketed. BE to UK capacity will not be offered in the upcoming Monthly Auction on PRISMA for October but will be offered on a Day Ahead basis when operational conditions allow.

The timings and actions provided are for information only and are not binding; the exact timings may be subject to variation in line with operational conditions. INT, as a prudent operator, will continue to prioritise operational safety throughout the inspections.