Interconnector Publishes Latest Charging Statement

Interconnector has today published its latest Charging Statement, effective 13 October 2021. 

This version introduces a series of changes to the Winter capacity tariffs, in both flow directions. 

UK to BE 

  • Daily/Within Day : 5.0p/th for November and December and 6.6p/th for January, February and March 

BE to UK

  • Monthly : 1.5p/th for November and 2.5p/th for December, January, February and March
  • Daily/Within Day : 3.0p/th for November through until March  

These changes are in response to the significant shift in market conditions over the past few weeks and the route cost for flows to/from the Continent via INT under the new Winter tariff structure remains well within the current NBP-ZEE / NBP-TTF spreads. 

Interconnector’s longer term tariffs and the Booking Incentives currently being offered across the Winter period remain available and unchanged. There are no changes to the tariffs of capacity which has already been allocated. 

Please note, INT will continue to offer Daily capacity via PRISMA only. 

For tariff information please see Interconnectors’ latest Charging Statement Issue 42