IUK Publishes Latest Charging Statement


IUK has today published its latest Charging Statement which introduces a new Summer Booking Incentive for 2021 as well as an amendment to the June 2021 Balance of Month tariff.

The new Summer Booking Incentive allows Shippers to purchase any 3 months or more of IUK capacity between Q2 or Q3 2021, and achieve the quarterly tariff of 1.5p/th, rather than the individual monthly tariffs. For example, a Shipper could purchase Apr, May and Jul or Apr + Q3 21. Capacity must be booked in the same flow direction and all capacity forming the incentive must be purchased ahead of the first gas day on which capacity can be utilised.

The Balance of Month tariff for June 2021 will be held at 2.2p/th until the booking date of the 14th June to allow Shippers to purchase the 15 day BOM product, which begins after IUK’s annual maintenance shutdown, for the same cost as the June Monthly product;

To provide additional flexibility, IUK has also extended the eligibility of booking incentives to cover PRISMA bookings as well as IAM bookings. IUK believes that these changes will enable Shippers to find flexible and attractive arrangements during Q2 and Q3 2021 enabling optimisation around the IUK maintenance period (planned for 3 – 16 Jun) and other upstream maintenance programs which were postponed due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic during Summer 2020.

IUK has published the Within Month IAM tariffs for the remainder of Q2 2021.

For further information please see IUK's latest Charging Statement which will be effective from 10 March 2021 onwards.