Dunkerque LNG is launching a Request For Interest (RFI) for its Small Scale LNG services

From May 21st until June 7th 2024, Dunkerque LNG is running a request for interest regarding its Small Scale services.

Being a key infrastructure player in North-Western Europe, Dunkerque LNG is actively involved in developing the Small Scale LNG market. In 2020, a Truck Loading service offering 3,000 slots per year has been launched commercially and a jetty adaptation was completed in order to enable reloading and unloading services for Small Scale LNG vessels (with a capacity from ~5,000 m3).

Dunkerque LNG acknowledges the increasing significance of the Small Scale LNG market and is actively exploring options to enhance its infrastructure in response to industry demands. This includes the potential construction of additional facilities as well as the expansion of our Truck Loading services. We are keen to better understand the market's interest and expectations regarding these potential developments.
Through this initiative, Dunkerque LNG intends to understand the market’s interest, its needs and expectations regarding these services. This phase will be followed by bilateral discussions in order to delve in more detailed discussions.

Please fill out the online form to show your interest in Dunkerque LNG terminal services.