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Interruptible Within-Day Capacity

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  • Incremental Capacity: Publication of the offer level and the annual auction

    Fluxys TENP informs about the offer level (existing capacities and new capacities to be created) and the annual auction on July 5th 2023 on the auction platform PRISMA of capacities resulting from the “Incremental Capacity” project at the market area border THE-ZTP.
  • Call for Tender of Fluxys TENP GmbH for Supply of Fuel Gas

    Bids can be submitted for natural gas (H-gas) as well as for biogas. The delivery period runs from 1 July 2023, 06:00 hours to 1 January 2024, 06:00 hours. Fluxys TENP GmbH is tendering an estimated total quantity of fuel gas of 230,000 MWh. Interested bidders can submit their bids by 16 May 2023 at 14:00 hours at the latest.


Acquire Within-Day interruptible capacity using an overnomination mechanism as from the gas hour for which no firm FZK and DZK capacity are available in a Within-Day auction.


  • No booking needed.
  • Book and nominate in only one step.


Bidirectionally available at all cross-border interconnection points of Fluxys TENP.

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Transport your gas on interruptible basis to the German market area THE.

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