Fluxys Belgium market consultation 57

Market Consultation 57: Changes in Regulatory Documents

From 23 May to 20 June, Fluxys Belgium is organising a market consultation on the regulatory documents applicable for transmission. This market consultation will focus on:

  • Lowering minimum Wobbe Index applicable at some (virtual) interconnection points
  • Simplification of the H-zone market model
  • BLISS Reallocation Service
    Detailed explanation during info sessions
  • Modifications to Buy Back scheme
  • Changes in the commodity allocation process by DSO
  • Some technical changes

The following document summarizes the proposed changes: One page note

Documents in consultation (with track changes):

You are kindly invited to send your written comments to marketing@fluxys.com by Monday June 20th 2022 close of business.

Please specify in your response, whether the content is to be treated as confidential or not. Unless otherwise mentioned, all comments will be treated as non-confidential.


Huidige status van de consultatie

Step 1 finished
Uitnodiging om deel te nemen Herziening na commentaren Goedkeuring CREG Aangepaste documenten



Het Consultatierapport (enkel in het Engels) geeft een overzicht van de voornaamste commentaren: Consultatierapport 57


CREG Beslissing

De beslissing (B)2474 is gepubliceerd op de CREG website (in het Nederlands).