What is the Interconnector?

The Interconnector pipeline provides a strategic energy link between the UK and continental Europe. Our transportation service is a key factor in the liberalisation of energy markets across Europe.

Our mission

IUK is a joint venture company dedicated to the safe, efficient and flexible transportation of gas. We own the only physically bi-directional gas pipeline between Britain and continental Europe.

Our expertise, experience and development knowledge also puts us at the forefront of flexible and transparent gas transport arrangements in the internal market.

Direct connection to the Belgian gas transmission system provides a gateway to an extensive European gas network

Our Zeebrugge terminal in Belgium offers a key strategic link from Bacton, via the Interconnector pipeline, to continental Europe. From Zeebrugge, our customers benefit from direct access to extensive European gas markets, stretching from Italy in the south to Norway in the north, and as far east as Austria.

Located in a scenic coastal area, Zeebrugge is a significant tourist centre as well as housing a major industrial port. Between the popular tourist beach and the Interconnector Zeebrugge terminal are coastal dunes, freshwater lakes, a nature area with rare orchids and a polder of historical significance located below sea level.

Interconnector (UK) Ltd as owner and operator markets all capacity in the subsea pipeline connecting Belgium (Zeebrugge) with the UK (Bacton). Interconnector (UK) Ltd is a company established under British law and a fully consolidated subsidiary by Fluxys SA – Fluxys UK Ltd stake 37.6%, Gasbridge 1 BV stake 23.68%, Fluxys Interconnector Ltd stake 15.04%.


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