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We regularly organise market consultations to further optimise our services... because your opinion matters! If the documents change after a market consultation, we will resubmit them to the Belgian Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) for approval.

The CREG approved the latest version of the general terms and conditions on 13 February 2020.

These documents are applicable since 1 June 2020 when Balansys became the Balancing Operator in the Belux area.

You can find more information and the Balansys general terms and conditions on the Balansys website



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Our transmission services in Belux

ZTP (BE - LUX)Transmission

Entry / Exit on Interconnection Points - Belgium

Entry services let you easily inject natural gas into a zone of the transmission grid to supply an end-user or trade on one of the hubs. With exit services on interconnection points, you easily transfer natural gas from a zone of the transmission grid to an adjacent market area or storage.
ZTP (BE - LUX)Transmission

Shorthaul - Zee Platform

The cheapest way to transport your natural gas directly between two adjacent market areas
ZTP (BE - LUX)Transmission

End User Domestic Exit Capacity in Belgium

Transmit natural gas to an industrial end user, a power plant or a combined heat and power (CHP) facility.