Become a LNG shipper in Zeebrugge

Get started in 5 steps


1. Contact us

Phone: +32 2 282 7999


2. Provide company and financial info


3. Accept contract terms

  • Proceed with the signing of the LNG contract - relating to the services you want to book - via an electronic signing platform.


4. Meet credit requirements

Either you:

  • Have an acceptable credit rating being for LTA, LTSA, LSA and LTL minimum BBB+ S&P’s/Fitch or Baa1 Moody’s; or
  • Provide an unconditional and irrevocable parent company guarantee by your parent company, who must have an acceptable credit rating (non applicable for LTL contract); or

The minimum amount to be provided for the collateral is specified in our contracts:

  • LTA (Att. B Art. 10)
  • LTSA (Att. B Art. 8)
  • LSA (Att. B Art. 8)
  • LTL (Att. B Art.7)

Please note that in case of an LNG service with a duration of less than 30 days, we will ask you to pay for this service upfront. No credit rating, parent company guarantee nor financial bank guarantee is required in this case.


5. Approved as a shipper

  • If you are transporting the regasified LNG in Belgium, sign up with Fluxys Belgium too.

And finally: Welcome as a new shipper with Fluxys LNG!


Good to know

To be compatible with the facilities of Zeebrugge, your LNG truck and ship must be first approved.

LNG Ship approval procedure

LNG Truck approval procedure


Our LNG products in Zeebrugge

LNG TerminallingScheduling Services

Unload your LNG in Zeebrugge

LNG from anywhere in the world can be transported and unloaded by LNG ship to Zeebrugge.
LNG TerminallingScheduling Services

Load your LNG in trucks or containers in Zeebrugge

Load your LNG truck or container at the Zeebrugge terminal at any time.
LNG TerminallingScheduling Services

Reload your LNG ship in Zeebrugge

LNG stored in tanks at Zeebrugge can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG ships.

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