Terms and Conditions - Zeebrugge LNG

Key Documents


Documents approved by the CREG


During the year, we organise consultations via our website to know your opinion on our services... because your opinion matters! 


If the documents change after a market consultation, we will resubmit them to the Belgian Commission for Electricity and Gas Regulation (CREG) for approval.


The CREG approved the latest version of the general terms and conditions on the following dates.


LNG Contracts

  Unload, Store & Regas LNG  Ship Unloading  Ship Loading  Transshipment  Truckloading

LNG Services Agreement (LSA)

Approved on 17 December 2020


 LNG Terminalling Agreement (LTA)

Approved on 17 December 2020


 LNG Transshipment Services Agreement (LTSA)

Approved on 3 October 2014


 LNG Agreement for LNG Truck Loading (LTL)

Approved on 22 June 2023





Other regulatory documents

Unload, Store & Regas LNG Ship Unloading Ship Loading Transshipment Truckloading

LNG Terminalling Access Code

Approved on 7 June 2024

LNG Terminalling Programme

Approved on 7 June 2024

Truck Loading Access Code

Approved on 22 June 2023


 Terms and Conditions - LNG Auctions

Version of 10 July 2023



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