Flexible Send-out Services in Zeebrugge

Get direct access to neighboring markets by regasifying your LNG

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Which kind of send-out capacity do you need ?

Regasify your LNG stored at Zeebrugge and inject up to 541 GWh/d into the natural grid. Choose your type of send-out depending your needs or activities in Zeebrugge.

Subscribe the corresponding downstream transmission capacity at Fluxys Belgium to transport your regasified LNG to ZTP (Belgium), TRF (France), TTF (The Netherlands), NBP (United Kingdom), Gaspool or NCG (Germany).


Send-out type  Regasification rate
(in GWh/h)
Granularity Firmness Level Availability Allocation
Basic 4.2 10.3 days block Firm Primary market M+1, M+2
Additional 2.87 Min. 1 Year Firm Sold-out up to 2023 FCFS
Daily Profiled Min. 1 Day Firm Sold-out until September 2023 FCFS up to D+60
Stand Alone 2.87 Min. 1 Day  Firm Available until 31/12/2023
Interruptible Send-out
Unused booked capacity  Daily Interruptible Subject to terminal users'
send out use
Pro rata 

Basic Send-out Capacity

  • Duration of 40 consecutive tides (10.3 days).
  • Included in a standard unloading slot, but separable from a slot as from D-10, Available M+1 and M+2.
  • Basic send-out rate = 4,2 GWh/h. 

How to book ?

  • Can be booked separately from a standard slot at the earliest 10 days before the start of the slot.
Basic Send-out Tariff
€/MWh +1,3% GIK*

Additional Send-out Capacity 

How to book ?

Sold-out up to 2023 on the primary market.

Additional Send-out Tariff
€/MWh +1,3% GIK*

Daily Send-Out Capacity 

  • Unsold Additional Send Out Capacity. 
  • Can be booked FCFS up to 60 days in advance. 

How to book ?

Sold-out until September 2023.

Daily Send-out Tariff
€/MWh +1,3% GIK*

Stand-Alone Send-out Capacity

  • Book FCFS up to 2.87 GWh/h. 

How to book ?

Available until 2023 on the primary market.

Stand-Alone Send-out Capacity can be booked through the Electronic Data Platform (EDP).

Stand-Alone Send-out Tariff
€/MWh +1,3% GIK*

Non-nominated Interruptible Send-out Capacity

  • You can use unused send-out rights of other shippers
  • Only the used quantities will be invoiced at the end of the month. For each day of the concerned month, the maximum hourly unused capacity allocated to you will be charged for the full day at the daily send-out tariff
Non-nominated Interruptible Send-out Capacity Tariff
€/MWh +1,3% GIK*
* A variable cost of 1.3% Gas In Kind (GIK) applies on all send-out nominations. This LNG will be taken from your account, it is not a cash payment.

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