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  • 30/03/2020

    Invitation to comment on the Interconnection Agreement between Fluxys Belgium N.V. and Gasunie Transport Services B.V.

    An update of the existing interconnection agreement for H-gas Interconnection Points between Fluxys Belgium N.V. and Gasunie Transport Services B.V. is laid down, intended to become effective with the introduction of a Virtual Interconnection Point (VIP), named VIP-BENE, between ZTP-H and TTF.
  • 26/03/2020

    COVID-19 – Update

    We have put some of the most frequently asked questions about coronavirus from our network users into a handy Q&A overview. If you have any more questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us. You can always find the information about our COVID-business continuity plan on the website.
  • 25/03/2020

    Regulated information: 2019 results

    • Turnover up to €531.0 million (2018: €503.2 million)
    • Net profit up to €69.5 million (2018: €54.5 million)
    • Proposal to the Annual General Meeting on 12 May 2020:
    gross dividend of €1.30 per share (2018: €1.26 per share)
    • Investments in infrastructure: €91.3 million, mainly for the construction of the fifth storage tank at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Zeebrugge
    • 2020-2023 transmission tariffs approved: reduction in tariffs
    • Zeebrugge LNG terminal boosts its prospects
    o Record traffic for both large-scale and small-scale LNG
    o Unloading of LNG carriers: new long-term contract until 2044
    o LNG transshipments: start of long-term contract until end 2039
    • Practical steps to move the energy transition forward: fully targeting green gas and already achieving results with natural gas
    • Roll-out of action plan to halve our own greenhouse gas emissions by 2025

Products & Services

Transmission & Trading Services

Customers can secure pipeline capacity with us to supply natural gas to end users in Belgium or to move it from border to border for onward delivery in Europe. We also offer trading services enabling customers to buy and sell gas on the Belgian gas trading places.

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LNG Solutions

At the Zeebrugge LNG terminal, we sell capacity for unloading and loading LNG carriers, keeping LNG in storage and regasifying it for transmission in the network. Customers also can buy capacity at the terminal to load LNG onto LNG trailers for break bulk distribution. Next to this, we also sell capacity at the port of Antwerp for supplying ships that use LNG as a fuel.

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Storage Options

Our storage options at the Loenhout facility provide flexibility to our customers. They can use buffer capacity at the facility according to their needs to ensure continuity of supply to end-users. Our storage options also support their activities at gas trading places.

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How to become Storage User?

Independent Operator

We are Belgium's independent operator of the high-pressure natural gas transmission network, the natural gas storage infrastructure and the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Zeebrugge. We combine expertise with close customer interaction to provide high-level services for their supplies into Belgium and the markets beyond. As a Fluxys group company it is our mission to contribute to a sustainable energy future and our passionate teams secure reliable and affordable energy flows into the market.

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Join us in our mission to bring the energy transition forward. You will discover a challenging working environment which values commitment, teamwork, agility and the continuous search for better ways of doing things. We encourage growth and career development by providing adequate learning & development programmes and empower you to keep on top of the fast changing demands in today’s workplace.

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Strong Financials

We are committed to providing easy, transparent and timely access to our financials and offering current and potential investors a clear view on our company. Our strategy, strong business model and solid financials with a good investment grade credit profile have been inspiring trust towards shareholders, financial institutions and investors for many years.

Key Figures

31.12.2018 31.12.2017
Income Statement in thousands of €
Operating Revenue 503,246 510,528
EBITDA 278,382 283,171
EBIT 120,601 129,320
Net Profit 54,469 70,321

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Solid Governance

Fluxys Belgium has adopted all the provisions on corporate governance to ensure that its shareholders are provided with relevant and fair information. As for our customers, we ensure a non-discriminatory and confidential approach of all users of our infrastructure through our compliance programme.

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  • Fluxys BelgiumAvenue des Arts 31, B-1040 Brussels
    +32 2 230 02 39

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