Projects in preparation

Pipelines for the hydrogen and CO2 networks

Thanks to its energy transition strategy, Fluxys Belgium is ready to sustainably use its infrastructure as a tool to help shape a carbon-neutral society. We want to transform and develop our infrastructure into complementary networks in which we also transport hydrogen and CO2, for example. In doing so, we are working fully in line with the hydrogen strategies of the European Commission and the Belgian federal government as well as the climate approach at regional level.

Our approach is shaped in cooperation with our customers, the authorities, neighbouring operators, distribution system operators and other stakeholders. The aim is to develop, in line with market needs, infrastructure in industrial clusters, establish connections between them and with neighbouring countries. This will allow us to lay the foundations for Belgium's lasting role as an energy hub in North-West Europe for the molecules of the future.

Pipelines for new gas-fired power stations

Fluxys Belgium is preparing to construct a number of new pipelines to be ready for the commissioning of various new gas-fired power stations. These will be needed to partially offset the nuclear phase-out scheduled to start in 2025. The construction of those pipelines will depend on which power plants will be chosen after the capacity supply auction to be held at the end of 2021. With the auction and the so-called capacity remuneration mechanism, the federal government wants to ensure that there is sufficient generation capacity available to meet electricity demand after the nuclear phase-out.

Grid reinforcements

Fluxys Belgium is preparing new connections for industry as well as new pipelines to increase grid capacity. The latter is necessary in order to be able to meet expected demand growth in certain regions.

A carefully chosen route

We take into account existing and planned residential and industrial areas when plotting a pipeline route. We also evaluate the risks in the areas affected by the line and implement any specific technical measures required. Moreover, we pay special attention to agricultural areas, to respecting flora and fauna, and to archaeological sites.

Extensive consultation

Based on the proposed route, Fluxys Belgium applies for the various permits needed to construct and operate a natural gas pipeline. Public consultations are organised in the context of a number of these permit applications. Fluxys Belgium will only start laying the pipeline once all permit procedures have been successfully completed.

Consultation with landowners and operators

Landowners and operators have their own point of contact at Fluxys Belgium, from the preliminary study of a project to the restoration of their land following the construction of a pipeline. This allows them to consult with someone familiar with their concerns and the features of their land from the outset.