Quality conversion

Convert high calorific gas (H gas) into low calorific gas (L gas) or convert low calorific gas (L gas) and/or hydrogen into high calorific gas (H gas).

Product description

Easily transfer gas from one area to another with our quality conversion service.

With the quality conversion to H service you can inject either L-gas or H2 into the H gas area, for supplying your end users or for exiting the system at an Interconnection Point.

In the other direction, the quality conversion H to L service allows you to inject H-gas in the L gas area.


Which services can you book?

Quality conversion to H

  • Convert L gas from the L gas area or H2 into H gas.
  • Interruptible capacity

Quality conversion H to L

Convert H gas from the H gas area into L gas.


H to L baseload and seasonal load

  • Available all year round
  • Ideal for supplying end users in the L gas area
  • Firm capacity


H to L peakload quality conversion

  • Ideal for coping with peak periods with increased demand for L gas during the winter months (from 1 November to 31 March).
  • To be booked in bundles with partly firm capacity and partly interruptible capacity.

How to book this service?

Quality conversion to H

Through PRISMA for a minimum period of 1 gas day. Capacities are allocated on a “first-committed-first-served” basis.


Quality conversion H to L

  • Initially during a subscription window
    o Capacities will be allocated on a pro rata basis
    o Baseload and seasonal load for one gas year at a time (from 1 October to 30 September)
    o Peakload for one or more gas year(s)

  • After the subscription window via
            o PRISMA for the baseload capacities
                   - End date of the services may not extend beyond 30 September
  •                - Availability updated on a weekly basis
                   - Bookings possible as from day-ahead
            o written request on a “first-committed-first-served” basis
                   - Balance-of-gas year product with end date 30 September

How does the subscription window work?

  • You will receive an email with an application form, the available quantities and the specific conditions applying to the subscription window.
  • Return the completed application form to info.transport@fluxys.com.
  • At the end of the subscription window, capacities will be allocated on a pro rata basis based on the requested quantities.


How does the written request work?