Quality conversion to H

Convert low calorific gas (L gas) and/or hydrogen into high calorific gas (H gas).

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  • Fluxys Belgium: Yearly Auctions - Attention for Virtualys Exit offer

    Fluxys Belgium offers the market the possibility to give a strong signal that the amount of capacity from Belgium to France is still needed by subscribing these capacities during the yearly auctions of July 2024 in the long-term. Therefor, for the capacity subscriptions for period GY2027/2028 until GY2038/39, Fluxys Belgium will only accept and allocated long-term subscriptions, meaning subscriptions for a duration of at least 10 consecutive years.

Product description

With the quality conversion to H service you can inject either L-gas or H2 into the H gas area, for supplying your end users or for exiting the system at an Interconnection Point.

This quality conversion service is an interruptible service which can be booked via PRISMA.

Through PRISMA the service can be booked for a minimum period of 1 gas day and the capacities are allocated on a "first-committed-first-served" basis.

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