LNG bunkering in Antwerp

Bunker your ship with LNG at the port of Antwerp

Product description

Ability to supply both river and maritime ships (maximum depth of 5.1 metres).

Refuel your ship using 45 m³ LNG trucks (max. 3 simultaneously).

A permanent bunkering facility (with an LNG tank on site) will be commissioned in 2020.

Tariff starting 350€ / bunkering (period of 3 hours).


* More than 3 hours : 100€/extra started hour

Seagoing vessels : mandatory human assistance 37,50€/started hour


FlexFueler 002, the bunkering pontoon for the Antwerp port and region



How to book?  

The ship operator:

  • Chooses an LNG supplier in advance.
  • Plans any bunkering operation using this form (at least 24 hours in advance).

fill in the form


The LNG supplier:

1. Signs a framework agreement with Fluxys Bunkering 

2. Will be charged per bunkering operation.

3. Will also have to complete this checklist after bunkering and return it to Toelatingen.HKD@portofantwerp.com.


Fluxys Bunkering:

Makes Quay 526 available for the transfer of LNG from the LNG trucks to the river and maritime ships.


Where can I bunker my ship?

Our bunkering operations are conducted at Quay 526 at the Port of Antwerp.

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