Available LNG capacities

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Up-to-date information on current available LNG capacities at the Zeebrugge and Dunkirk LNG Terminals: easy access to the Belgian, French & adjacent EU markets.


Availability of ship slots in Zeebrugge

Availability of ship slots in Dunkirk

Available UIOLI slots  Available commercial capacities


Availability of truck slots in Dunkirk and Zeebrugge

Dunkirk  Zeebrugge

Legend :

ALS = Assisted Loading Service
SLS = Self Loading Service
CDS = Cool Down Service
TAS = Truck Approval Service
DAS =Truck Driver Approval Service

LNG bays are mentioned for simplification purposes only and do not represent a commitment on which loading bay to use in practice.

All timings are expressed in Central European Time (CET).