Available LNG capacities on sale

Looking for LNG opportunities ?

The following ship and truck capacities are currently available for sale at the Zeebrugge and Dunkirk LNG terminals.
Click on a colored slot in the ship and truck calendars to see more details about our offer.

Ready to book a ship or truck slot ? Contact us via info.LNG@fluxys.com (Zeebrugge) or commercial@dunkerquelng.com (Dunkirk). Feel free to also check the Secondary Market page of Emix, our digital LNG Market Place.

Available ship capacities on sale

In case you are interested to book a ship slot at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal which starts within the next 4 days, please contact info.lng@fluxys.com to confirm its short-term availability.

Available truck capacities on sale

Legend :

ALS = Assisted Loading Service
SLS = Self Loading Service
CDS = Cool Down Service
TAS = Truck Approval Service
DAS = Truck Driver Approval Service


LNG bays and jetties are mentioned for simplification purposes only and do not represent a commitment on which loading bay and jetty to use in practice. All timings are expressed in Central European Time (CET).

Tariffs for the Zeebrugge LNG terminal are applicable for the ongoing month and indexed monthly.

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Unload, store and regas your LNG

Berth, unload, store and regas your LNG at our terminals in Dunkirk and Zeebrugge.

Dunkirk  Zeebrugge

Unload your LNG

LNG from anywhere in the world can be transported and unloaded by LNG ship to Zeebrugge.


Reload your LNG ship

LNG stored in tanks in Dunkirk and Zeebrugge can be loaded by small or large-scale LNG ships.

Dunkirk  Zeebrugge

Transship your LNG

Transfer your LNG from Ship-to-Ship or Ship-Transshipment Storage-Ship in Zeebrugge.


Liquify (virtually) your gas

Bring LNG to Zeebrugge without needing a ship through the virtual liquefaction of your gas.



Load your LNG in trucks or containers

Load your LNG truck or container in Dunkirk and Zeebrugge at any time.

Dunkirk  Zeebrugge