Fluxys Belgium market consultation 33

2018 - Market Consultation 33 - CBA over Balancing Data Information provision

As from 10 December 2018 to 9 January 2019, Fluxys Belgium organized a market consultation on a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) over Balancing Data Information provision.

Article 38 of the Commission Regulation (EU) No 213/2014 of 26 March 2014 establishing a Network Code on Gas Balancing of Transmission Networks (BAL NC) requires Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to perform a Cost Benefit Analysis of their Balancing Data Information provision.

More specifically, the article requires TSOs to assess the costs and benefits of :

  • Increasing the frequency of information provision to networks users
  • Reducing the related timelines of information provision
  • Improving the accuracy of the information provided

The CBA must also specify the breakdown of costs and benefits among the categories of affected parties.  

The following document was proposed for consultation : Consultation document

Linked to this consultation, this document was also provided : Report on the accuracy of the consumption forecast for Non-Daily Metered users in Belgium

Current status of the consultation

Step 1 finished step 3 finished step 4 finished step 5 finished
Invitation to participate Review after comments Approval CREG Updated documents

Consultation Report

The consultation report provides an overview of the main reactions to the proposed changes : Consultation Report

CREG Decision

The CREG has decided that no changes must be made to the provision of information about the net balance.