Fluxys Belgium Market Consultation 26

2017 - Market Consultation 26 - Belux

As from 23 November until 13 December 2017, Fluxys Belgium organized a market consultation on the regulatory documents for transmission services. The proposed changes make it possible for Fluxys Belgium to transfer the responsibility of balancing operator for the BELUX market area to Balansys.

The following document summarizes the changes : One Page Note - Description of Changes

The changes were also detailed during an information session held on 8 November 2017: Document Information Session

More information on BeLux market integration can be found here.

The following documents are proposed for consultation (documents with track changes).

Current status of the consultation

Step 1 finished step 3 finished step 4 finished step 5 finished
Invitation to participate Review after comments Approval CREG Updated documents

Consultation Report

The consultation report provides an overview of the main reactions to the proposed changes : 

CREG Decision

The decision (B)1746 is published on CREG website.