Entry / Exit on Interconnection Points - Belgium

Your solution to enter the Belgian market area, trade on ZTP, supply the domestic market and connect with adjacent markets.

Product description

Entry services 

Inject a quantity of natural gas at an interconnection point into the Belgian transmission grid.

Exit services 

Withdraw a quantity of natural gas at an interconnection point and flow your gas to a neighbouring market area or supply a Belgian end user through a domestic exit point.

Available capacity types for entry and exit services

Firm capacity
Always available
Usable under normal operating conditions.

Interruptible capacity
Cheaper than firm capacity
In case of physical restrictions on our transmission grid we could interrupt your service.

Backhaul capacity
At unidirectional interconnection points
In the opposite direction of the physical gas flow direction
Usable as long as the resulting physical flow remains in the physical direction of the interconnection point.


How to book

Use PRISMA to book the required capacity at your selected interconnection points.
Depending on the interconnection point, the capacity is acquired through a First-Committed-First-Served principle or an auction process.

BookMore info in video


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