Fluxys Belgium market consultation 27 - 27bis

2018 - Market consultation 27 - Substitution services & VIP BE-NL

As from 26 January to 23 February 2018, Fluxys Belgium organized a market consultation to propose adjustments to its transmission services with a focus on (i) introducing Substitution services, (ii) introducing the VIP BE-NL by merging the IPs Zelzate 1, Zandvliet H and 's Gravenvoeren, (iii) streamlining and optimizing the booking and invoicing processes and (iv) technical changes.

The following document summarizes the changes : Summary of changes

The changes were also detailed during an information session held on 1 February 2018: Presentation information session.

This consultation was simultaneously conducted on two sets of documents, as our Balancing activities in the Belux area are still in transition.

First set of documents

Documents (with track changes) approved by the CREG on 17 July 2017 : Fluxys Belgium operates as Balancing operator for the Belux area.

Second set of documents

Documents consulted in June 2017 : Balansys becomes Balancing operator in the Belux area.

2018 - Market consultation 27bis - Diversion Service

During the previous market consultation (#27), several market participants suggested Fluxys Belgium, building upon the already proposed substitution services, to introduce a new "Diversion Service" enabling shippers to transfer (part of) an existing capacity contract on one Interconnection Point to another at the same network location.

Fluxys Belgium therefore proposed to develop such a Diversion Service together with the other substitution services. A dedicated market consultation was held on this addition, from 22 March till 30 March 2018 included.

The following document was proposed for consultation: Consultation Document

Current status of the consultation

Step 1 finished step 3 finished step 4 finished step 5 finished
Invitation to participate Review after comments Approval CREG Updated documents

Consultation Reports

The consultation reports provide an overview of the main reactions to the proposed changes:

CREG decision

The decision (B)1745 is published on the CREG website.