Fluxys refreshes brand: showing how we matter to society

12/02/2020 - Fluxys today launches a brand refresh to better express how the company matters to society: “Shaping together a bright energy future”.

Over the last years we have made extensive efforts to put our shoulders to the wheel of the energy transition required to fight climate change and air pollution. Our visual identity however did no longer reflect this.

"Shaping together a bright energy future”: this articulation of our role in society showcases our commitment to continue building a greener energy future for the generations to come. People, industry and societies all need energy to thrive and progress. Fluxys accommodates this need: we put energy in motion through our infrastructure. We move natural gas while paving the way to transport in our infrastructure hydrogen, biomethane or any other carbon-neutral energy carrier of the future.

The brand refresh and new visual language highlight Fluxys’ determination to bring the energy transition forward. The organic shapes and bright optimistic colour schemes emphasize the various shapes of energy in a world in transition.

Our renewed logo in rounded lower-case font highlights in turn our openness to work together. Indeed, achieving a net zero carbon future will require thorough cooperation across the entire energy eco-system.

The new visual identity will be rolled out progressively across all majority-controlled companies of the Fluxys group.

Pascal De Buck, Managing Director Fluxys: "The energy transition is a massive challenge for society. Fluxys with its infrastructure is committed to make a vital contribution. Through our refreshed brand we mark our ambition to be the gas infrastructure company moving forward with purpose and agility to bring solutions meeting the needs of society, our clients and all our stakeholders."

For a quick look at our brand refresh, take a look at our brand refresh video on Vimeo.

View our video on Vimeo