Fluxys Belgium - Market Consultation 62 - Merge of ZTP Physical and ZTP Notional Trading Services


As from March 23rd, Fluxys Belgium launches a market consultation on the regulated documents for transmission, with a focus on changes to the Standard Transmission Agreement, Access Code for Transmission and Transmission Program:

  1. The merge of the existing ZTP Physical and ZTP Notional Trading Services into a single ZTP Trading Service as from October 1st, 2023
  2. Stop of the Imbalance Transfer Service and Imbalance Pooling Service

The following document summarizes the proposed changes: Summary Note

Documents in consultation (with track changes):

You are kindly invited to send your written comments to marketing@fluxys.com by Friday, April 14th 2023 close of business.
Please specify in your response, whether the content is to be treated as confidential or not. Unless otherwise mentioned, all comments will be treated as non-confidential.