Connecting the public distribution to the Belgian grid

Request a new connection or modify an existing one

Contact us to adapt an existing gas receiving station or build an additional gas receiving station.

Together, we will examine:

  • The technical and economic criteria
  • The economic justification for the investment project
  • The investment project's contribution to the overall development of the existing gas transmission system and natural gas distribution system.

Our analysis will take account of:

  • Changes in hourly flow rates in the event of a very cold period in the region concerned.
  • Potential to increase natural gas offtake in the future.
  • Long-term development trends.
  • The security of supply for natural gas in the region concerned.
  • The feasability study for the various connection options.

What does a feasability study entail?

A feasability study takes at least 3 months to complete and depends on the complexity of the situation. It looks into:

  • The best technical route for your connection.
  • Which plots of land are most suitable, especially in environmental terms.
  • Which permits will be required to build your connection.
  • How much time obtaining all permits will take.

We will then discuss all the key technical details with you and work with you to set a date for commissioning the new connection or adjusting the existing connection, as the case may be.

When an additional receiving station is built, who bears which costs?

This depends on the working pressure of the transmission system to which the receiving station will be connected.

Working pressure ≤ 14,7 bar

  • You, the DSO, will bear all the costs for the facilities and the connection to the transmission system.
  • The facilities will be located downstream of the last cut-off valve for the branch, and you ill own and operate them.

Working pressure > 14,71 bar

  • We will bear all the costs for the facilities and the connection to the transmission system.
  • We will own and operate the facilities

What is the timing to realise a connection?

The time elapsing between your application and the commissioning of your connection will depend on a number of factors:

  • The duration of permit procedures.
  • The length of the pipeline to be installed.
  • The degree of technical complexity involved in building the connection.

It will most likely take between 30 and 40 months for your connection to be ready, mainly due to the length of the permit procedures.

More detail can be found in The Fluxys Belgium / DSO Standard Connection Agreement.

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